What do the Monorail, Hoover Dam, McCaw Hall, Boeing’s 787, and the Astoria Column all have in common? Here’s a hint. It’s something they share with the EMP/MoPOP, PLU, Pacific Science Center, the Seattle Zoo, Seattle Symphony, and the Seattle Public Library. Give up? All of these and more have benefitted from the talented artists, craftsmen, and numerous skills of the exceptional and creative individuals at Arts Tech Center.

When Seattle’s Monorail trains collided in 2006, and no replacement doors were available, new ones were engineered and constructed by the Scenic Studio’s knowledgeable builders, and when prospective customers for Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner looked out the cockpit windows of the first mock-up, they saw clouds & blue skies that were painted by the talented scenic artists who work at the Arts Tech Center.

The 3-story sculpture hanging in the entrance to Seattle’s McCaw Hall, the interactive displays at Hoover Dam, and the complete restoration of the exterior murals of the 125’ tall Astoria Tower? All are products of this amazing group of individuals. Did you happen to catch “the Making of Avatar” at EMP/MoPOP, or their Star Wars costume exhibit? Or maybe you’ve marveled at Adina the Dragon? More work from these fine folks. Perhaps you’ve staggered up the “Illusion Ramp” at the Pacific Science Center? Attended a party decorated with life-size animal cut-outs at the Seattle Zoo? Same thing.

When Conductors take to the podium at Benaroya Hall, they are stepping up onto a multi-faceted platform constructed by? …you guessed it. And when the downtown branch of the Seattle Public Library was still on the drawing boards, a full-scale proof-of-concept mock up of its ramps & shelves [including an adjustable-height ceiling] was created so that architects could verify its practical aspects and lighting. The list goes on and on…

It’s a list of numerous local, regional, and national projects; and all are the work of the same team that brought Wagner’s “Ring” to life, drawing visitors to Seattle from all 50 states and more than a dozen foreign countries, garnering an Eddy Award for Theatrical Excellence. A pool of talent that has put more than 150 productions onto stages from Vancouver BC to Houston Texas; Los Angeles to Broadway; Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre to the Metropolitan Opera, and all points in between. It’s a remarkable record of amazing achievements.